Our Vision

The Humane Society of Calvert County, Maryland is a strong community resource and partner, which promotes compassion toward the humane treatment of animals, by advocating the responsible ownership of companion animals.

Our Mission

The Humane Society of Calvert County, Inc., improves our community for animals and people by; sheltering and protecting animals from harm; placing them into caring, responsible homes; increase awareness through humane education and community outreach; endeavoring to reduce animal over population and eliminate cruelty; serving as an advocate for animals by promoting humane standards; and enhancing the relationship between animals and people.

Meet Our Board Members

Tanya Gott - President

Nicole Smith- VP

Pat Beyer- Treasurer

Alicia Wiman- Secretary

Jill Lee, Pattie Holubowski, Cassie Heiges, Lisa Zelle

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 Our Kennel

2210 Dalrymple Rd

Sunderland MD 20689